Streaming internal audio from your device

If you wan to stream from an internal source, rather than voice from a microphone or other external audio source, you can do this on a computer with a routing software.

Here is how you do this using Dante Via:

1. Download and install Dante Via

2. When opening, you see Audio Sources on the left and Audio Destinations on the right

3. Choose the application on the left you want to play audio from and drag it to the Audio Destination "Stereo Application Input"

In our example we drag and drop QuickTime Player.

You can even choose several audio inputs and mix them:

4. Open Firefox and log in as speaker on LiveVoice

Important: We recommend Firefox because it allows you to choose the audio input manually. 

5. Choose "Dante Via Stereo" as audio input when Firefox asks you to allow microphone.

Pro tip: Check the "Remember the decision" box :)  


As an alternative: If you don't want to install a special software, you can also do the trick manually by setting up an "audio cable loop" - see here