Test Event for Interpreters

1) Open invite link in web browser https://livevoice.io/speak/030350

Recommended browsers: Chrome or Firefox

2) Click "Join live event"

3) Enter your name

4) Allow Microphone access

Choose the mic (in Firefox you get the choice which one; in Chrome the system settings will be used)

Check the "Remember" box and click "Allow"

5) Click Start

On the left you see your channel that you will speaking into.

Here it says "My language". In the actual event this will be the name of the language you are interpreting into.

6) Click Play at Floor channel

You are live now!

To listen to the Floor (original audio from stage) click play at Floor.

For this test event there is an audio loop playing. At an actual event you will hear here the live audio from stage.

Note: For RSI there will also be a video displayed (which is not visible in this demo event).