Import audio from OBS [PRO]

If you want to import audio from OBS to LiveVoice follow these steps:

Go to your LiveVoice event

  1. Go to "Channel settings" of the channel you want to import to
  2. Activate "Import audio"
  3. Choose "SRT Listen" from the drop-down menu (all settings for OBS are already pre-set)
  4. Copy the stream link that is generated below (starting with srt://... )

Go to OBS

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to "Stream"
  3. Choose Service "Custom..."
  4. Paste the server URL you copied from LiveVoice to "Server"
  5. Click OK

Go back to your LiveVoice

Click "Start importing"

Please note: OBS adds a little delay to the stream. This is nothing that can be influenced by LiveVoice.