Speakers: Getting started

Watch this video to learn how to start streaming with LiveVoice: 

Here is the 3 step guide for you to start streaming. 

Step 1: Plug in audio source 

For original audio you might want to use a sound mixer. For interpretation you will usually use a mic/headphone combination. 

For more tips about connecting your audio source to a sending divide have a look here

Step 2: Join event

Open the app on your mobil device. On computers you go to livevoice.io into your browser address field.

Enter your speaker code or follow the smart link. You should have received a speaker code or a smart link from your admin (e.g. event organizer) who has set up the event and channels. Simply enter this code and join.

Step 3: Start streaming

Once you have entered the code you enter the "Speakers Lobby". You see your channel name (the channel you are speaking into) in large letters on top - in this case "Channel 1". If you are ready, you push the "Start" button.

❗️Allow microphone access: The app or browser will ask you to allow microphone access. In some browsers you can choose which microphone you want to use. You also might want to check in your computers audio settings, which microphones are available.  

That's it! You are live! 

If you want to mute yourself, simply click on the microphone icon in the middle.

To check how people can hear you, you can clicking on play of your own channel below. 
You can also listen to other channels if they are active by clicking play next to their name. 

Note: On computers, all browsers work, but we recommend Firexfox because it gives you the option to easily choose your microphone input.