Record your audio channels

With LiveVoice, as an admin, you can record the channels of your event. 

You can turn the recording function for each channel and then download the audio files after your event. 


1) To record a channel, go to "Edit channel"

2) Then turn on the recording toggle.

(The recording starts automatically as soon as a speaker starts speaking)

After your event is finished you can download the audio files here:

(Please be aware that it might take some time until the recordings show up)

You can download the recordings as very small but high quality OGG files or as MP3 files.

Please note: 

  • Recordings are automatically deleted after 30 days. To keep your recordings permanently, you'll have to download them! 
  • To use the recording function, your speakers must stream with app version 2.0.5. or newer, or on a computer via browser.