As an admin you can simply go to your event page and open the statistics dashboard to analyze your events and channels. 

Concurrent listeners

Here you can find out how many people were listening at the same time, when they were listening and on which channel. 

Individual Listeners

Here you can see how many different devices have been used to listen to LiveVoice. This allows you to understand how many different people have actually used LiveVoice during your event. You get the total number of users as well as the breakdown into iPhone app users, Android app users and web browser users (mobile and computer).

In some cases there may be significantly more individual listeners who are actively utilizing LiveVoice, as not every listener tunes in simultaneously. They are often spread out over the course of a day or LiveVoice booking period.

iFrame Page Views

A peculiarity are the iFrame users: If you have embedded LiveVoice as an iFrame on your website, the page views will be tracked, which indicates how often this iFrame has been called up. As LiveVoice is treated as "3rd Party" when embedded, we have no way of determining the unique users, but only capturing the page views (usually considerably higher than the individual users). However, you can usually read the unique users yourself from your website analytics.