Network & Firewall Configuration

We recommend to test LiveVoice before your event at the actual location within its network, to make sure everything works smoothly. Some networks have firewalls in place that might block VoIP applications like LiveVoice, so to be save please test it beforehand. 

Regarding band-with: LiveVoice needs only 0,06 Mbit/s per user, so for example for 150 attendees a 10 MB WIFI is enough (and listeners can also use mobile data). But it is always recommended to run a speed test ahead of your event.

Test event

You can simply use our test event to try listening. It is running an audio loop, so you don't even have to set up a sending device for this test. If you can click play and hear the audio, it works 😊 (Code: 123 456) to try if you can 

Firewall settings 

If your network uses a firewall that allows access only to certain domains and services, you need to open these in order to use LiveVoice:


IP addresses:


TCP: 8088, 8089, 80, 443

UDP Port Range: 10000-50000 (in/out)

Please note:

Depending on the network/firewall, you might need to open even more UDP ports (at least 10000-50000), but since this is different for every network, we recommend to try it first out by opening all UDP ports.