Audio Delay Feature for Hybrid Events

As an admin you can add one or more delay channels to each normal audio channel. You can decide how much latency each delay channel should have.

The delay feature can be very useful for hybrid events which have both listeners on-site and online. Video livestreams like YouTube usually involve some delay. This means, the online audience would hear the real time language interpretation too early. By creating a delay channel, your interpreters can work in real time for the on-site audience, while the online audience will get the interpretation at the right time as well. 

1. In your event click "Add delay channel"

2. Give the delay channel a name and define the number of seconds of the desired latency 

You can decide how many seconds the delay should be, so for example it fits to the latency of your video livestream. 

Max. delay: 90 seconds. Max. number of delay channels: 5

OPTION: Hide main channel for listeners

If you want to show only the delay channel to listeners, you can do so by hiding the main channel. 

This can be useful for example if you want to provide a purposefully delayed audio experience in some cases where live audio would not be the best choice.

To hide the main channel, click on "Edit channel" and then turn on the "Hide for listeners" toggle.