Hide channels individually

You may want to show certain audio channels only to certain user groups. Two examples:

1. Floor channel: You want to show the channel for original audio only to the interpreters.  

2. Hybrid events: You want to show a delay channel only to the online audience, but to the audience on site (which uses the mobile app) you want to show only the real time channel. Or vice versa. 

All this can be done by choosing for each channel which audience it should be hidden for.

>> Go to channel settings. Choose the options that are right for your case. Done.

Setup Examples:

Floor Channel

If you want to show the floor channel (original audio) only to the interpreters, you can hide the channel for all listeners. The channel will be displayed now only to speakers.

Hybrid events

For example hide a channel with delay for people who use the app (people on site), so only the online audience will see the delay channel.