Best Practice: How to inform your audience

Here is some practical advice how to inform your audience.

Of course it depends on the type of event and situation which of the measures make most sense, but generally it helps to have several touch points for the audience so everyone gets the necessary information. 

1. Informing listeners ahead of the event: It's important to inform the audience before the event - for example by sending them an email with the reminder to bring headphones and their smartphones and explaining how to install the app. It also makes sense to put this information on your event website. In this way most of them come already prepared. 

2. Service Point: We recommend to have some place where people can go to during the event if they need help. It might be helpful to have some spare headphones and adapters there for people who did not read the email :) 

👉 We have some advice on that here

3. Intro sheet: Print a sheet that explains how it works. You can download a ready-to-go sheet directly from within your event admin interface. It makes sense to print this and hand it out at the event and/or place it at the service point.

4. Screens at the location: If you have a big screen at the stage or even small screens somewhere, you can show the QR code and 6-digit listener code on there, so people can scan or enter the code.