How to: Using LiveVoice for translation

Setup Version 1

In its very basic way, a setup with LiveVoice for translation can look like this.

This is, if you want to keep it very simple - in some locations it works to have the interpreter sitting in the same room somewhere in the background. In this case, you need only  one speaker device.

Setup Version 2:

Most events will probably make use of the relay function

The interpreter listens to the original audio via LiveVoice, sitting usually in a different room, and uses the same device to speak.If you want to use LiveVoice this way, two speaker devices are needed - one for the original audio and one for the interpreter.

Transmission via WIFI or mobile internet (3G, 4G, 5G): The transmission of the signal works via the cloud, so you just need some form of wireless internet, no matter if is is WIFI or mobile connection. 

Browser tip: For speaker function (=sending) via a computer, we recommend Firefox as browser, since there you can choose your microphone input manually. 

Ready, set, go:

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