GET STARTED - Set up events & channels

Setting up events and channels is super simple. Just access your LiveVoice admin account in your web browser and follow these 3 steps:

1. Create events & channels

2. Invite Speakers

3. Invite Listeners 

Watch this video to learn the basic steps to start with LiveVoice as an admin: 

Have a look here for more details: 

Step 1: Create events & channels

Create a new event and choose a name.

Click on your event to open it.

Create a new channel and choose a name.
Done! (...or add more channels)

Step 2: Invite speakers - or start streaming yourself

Provide the automatically generated code or the smart link of each channel to its β€žspeakerβ€œ (e.g. to your interpreter).

>> MORE on inviting speakers or starting streaming yourself

Step 3: Invite listeners 

Provide the automatically generated code or direct link to all listeners. More

>> Here is a 3 step guide for speakers how they can start streaming.

>> Here is a quick guide for listeners how they can start listening.

Note: Each event has one listener code. Each channel has one speaker code.
This means, one event has only one listener code but as many speaker codes as it has channels.