Auto Floor Distribution

Set up Auto Distribution for Floor Channel

If you want to play another channel (e.g. the original audio from stage which is usually called Floor channel) you can do this by setting for each channel a channel that should be imported while the speaker is not active. If you have set this up, this other channel will be played to listeners whenever the speaker (e.g. an interpreter) is not on air.


Event with English and German interpretation. Both channels will play the FLOOR channel whenever the interpreter is not active. 

Admin View: 

Speaker View: 

English interpreter clicks "Stop".

Now the Auto Distribution is active. The interpreter sees the message "Importing from FLOOR".
Whenever the interpreter wants to resume talking, he simply clicks the "Take over now" button. 

Note: This also works when setting up A/B languages and the interpreter changes his channel. As soon as the interpreter chooses the other channel, the Floor language will be played in the channel that is now in-active. 

Here is how you set up Auto Floor Distribution:

Go to the event in your admin account and choose "Channel Settings".

Choose the channel you want to auto distribute to this channel whenever the speaker is not active.

Repeat this for each channel you want to set the Auto Floor Distribution for.