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All you need to know about the different tiers of LiveVoice:

With BASIC you can enjoy all the essential features your are used to from LiveVoice: Unlimited number of events and channels, recording, statistics, delay channels for hybrid events, speaker handover and much more.  
With PRO you have the benefit of additional features, including video streaming for speakers, auto floor distribution, branding options (e.g. header images) or audio import.
In addition, there are some PRO+ features we provide upon individual request to meet particular needs, such as custom URLs or individual passcodes.
Our goal is to offer an unbeatable price to customers who only need the essential basics, and at the same time cater to the particular needs of PRO customers - providing each of them with the best tool at the best price on the market.
👉 The  listener limits  of booked  BASIC plans apply only to  your  BASIC events
👉 The  listener limits  of booked  PRO plans apply only to  your  PRO events .
Therefore make sure your event setting fits to the plan you booked.

✏️ This is how it works:

Yo can book BASIC plans as well as PRO plans in your account. In your events you find a tier setting, which allows you to decide whether you want to run it as a BASIC or PRO event.
👉 The listener limits of booked  BASIC plans apply to all your BASIC events .
👉 The listener limits of booked  PRO plans apply to all your PRO events .

Therefore make sure that your BASIC/PRO event setting is the same as the listener limit of your plan.

With the Free Plan you can try out all functions (including PRO features) for free with up to 3 listeners.

Overview: BASIC, PRO and PRO+ Features

  • Live audio transmission: Send audio in real time to your audience anywhere in the world.
  • Real time statistics: Get insights about concurrent listeners and unique listeners. Learn more.
  • Channel recording: Record audio channels to download later as MP3 files. Learn more.
  • Speaker handover: Multiple speakers (e.g. interpreters) can take turns. Learn more.
  • Audio delay control: For hybrid events, you can set a custom delays it will fit your video streaming platform. Learn more.
  • Live event messages: Inform your listener about important topics during the event with short messages. Learn more.
  • Hide channels individually: Hide audio channels for listeners on the various platforms to let them listen only where they should. Learn more.
  • Auto Listen-in for speakers: Enable speakers (i.e. interpreters) to listen automatically to the most relevant channel.
  • Organizer contact information for listeners: Provide your listeners with a specific contact address so they can get in touch with questions or problems. Learn more.
  • Info sheet & slide PDF generator: Make it simple for your listeners to join an event. Download the info sheets and slides for your audience to join directly via QR code. Learn more.
  • Event passwords: Make sure that only selected speakers or listeners with a password can join an event. Learn more.
  • Audio quality adjustments: Depending on your use case, activate or de-activate certain input audio settings like echo cancellation. Learn more.


Everything from BASIC plus:

  • Branding (Header image & logo): Give an event a personalized look by including a header image and logo that can be seen by your audience. Learn more.
  • Chat for admins & speakers: Admins and speakers (e.g. interpreters) can chat with each other directly in LiveVoice during an event. Learn more.
  • Live video channels: Speakers (e.g. interpreters) not only hear what is happening on site, they can also follow what is happening via video. Learn more.
  • A/B language channel switching: If languages need to be translated in both directions, you can easily make this possible with the A/B switch. Learn more.
  • Floor distribution: If nothing is said on one channel, but the listener should always hear something, the audio track can be automatically imported from another channel. Learn more.
  • Multi Listen-in: Speakers (i.e. interpreters) have the option of listening to several audio channels simultaneously. Learn more.
  • Import audio streams: Import live audio streams from another source into LiveVoice. Learn more.
  • Import video streams: Import live video streams from another source into LiveVoice. Learn more.


  • Individual pass codes: Only selected listeners can participate in an event, with an individual password for each person.
  • White-label iFrame: When embedding LiveVoice audio channels to an external website you can remove the LiveVoice logo.
  • Custom Listener Codes: Get a specific listener code that fits your event (e.g. a date like 24 12 28)
  • Custom Listener Domain: Get a specific listener link that fits your event (e.g. liveoice.io/myeventname)
  • Export audio and video streams: Export sound and video from LiveVoice to other applications. Learn More.

✉️ If you have questions or feedback

Here you can find all FAQs regarding LiveVoice BASIC and PRO and its pricing:

👉 Learn more about LiveVoice BASIC and PRO

If you have any other specific questions, feel free to contact us.