⛳️ LiveVoice BASIC and PRO

++ Customers who had already booked a subscription have been automatically switched to BASIC and can continue using all features they have been using before. Simply keep your events set on BASIC 😊 More details below. ++

We are offering two main versions of LiveVoice:

With a BASIC plan you can enjoy all the essential features your are used to from LiveVoice: Unlimited number of events and channels, recording, statistics, delay channels for hybrid events, speaker handover and much more.  
With a PRO plan you have the benefit of additional features, including video streaming for speakers, auto floor distribution, branding options (e.g. header images) or audio import.
In addition, there are some PRO+ features we provide upon individual request to meet particular needs, such as custom URLs or individual passcodes.
Our goal is to continue offering an unbeatable price to customers who only need the essential basics, and at the same time cater to the particular needs of PRO customers - providing each of them with the best tool at the best price on the market.
👉 The listener limits of booked BASIC plans apply only to your BASIC events
👉 The listener limits of booked PRO plans apply only to your PRO events.
Therefore make sure your event setting fits to the plan you booked.

✏️  This is how it works:

From now on you can book BASIC plans as well as PRO plans in your account. In your events you will find a new setting, which allows you to decide whether you want to run it as a BASIC or PRO event.
👉 The listener limits of booked BASIC plans apply to all your BASIC events.
👉 The listener limits of booked PRO plans apply to all your PRO events.

Therefore make sure that your BASIC/PRO event setting is the same as the listener limit of your plan.

And just like before, with the Free Plan you can try out all functions (including PRO features) for free with up to 3 listeners.

🤔  What about current subscribers and previously booked Day Plans?

If you already have a yearly or monthly subscription, you will automatically remain in the BASIC plan, while enjoying all the PRO features you have already been using at no extra charge - for a LiveVoice-lifetime 😊
Also, if you have already booked a Day Plan for the future, you will have free access to all the PRO features you need for it.

✉️  If you have questions or feedback

Here you can find all FAQs regarding LiveVoice BASIC and PRO and its pricing:

👉 Learn more about LiveVoice BASIC and PRO

Of course, we've tested the new version extensively to ensure that everything runs just perfectly. In case something still doesn't work for you, please let uns know and send us your feedback!

And if you have any other specific questions, also feel free to contact us.