Import Audio and Video [PRO]

With LiveVoice PRO, you can import audio and/or video to any LiveVoice channel from an external streaming source.

There are a number of difference formats and codecs you can choose from, depending on what you external audio/video source offers as options.

👇 At the end of this article, you find some general advice and helpful information regarding importing.

Here is how you set up an import:

1. Go to "Edit channel"

2. Choose your format

🎙️ Import audio: Activate *Import Audio* and select your format.

a) RTP Listen Raw (OPUS, the lowest latency) is the format we recommend the most, as this delivers the lowest latency of all formats.

Simply copy the stream URL and port that is generated by the system, and paste it to your exporting tool.

b) RTP Listen (OPUS or MPA): Choose if you want to use the codec OPUS or MPA (MPEG Audio). Then copy the stream URL and port and paste it to your exporting tool.

Note: As with this format, LiveVoice needs to do some processing for converting the format, this can add a very small delay.

c) SRT Caller: This requires you to have a server with a running stream. LiveVoice will fetch this stream from the host address you provide. This is why it is usually only used by experts. Enter the host address (IP address, stream ID, etc.) starting with srt://…

d) SRT Listen: This is what for example OBS requires. For OBS, simply use the pre-selected options and don't change anything. Then copy the generated URL to OBS. More on that here.

For other streaming sources, you may want to adapt the settings:

  • Codec bin: Automatic codec detection or RTP/OPUS
  • Encryption length 32, 24, 16 or no encryption
  • Passphrase: Set a password of your choice that will be used for the encryption

🎥 Import Video: Activate "Import Video" and choose your format.

a) RTP Listen RAW (VP8)

b) SRT Listen (VP8)

Copy URL and Port and paste it to your exporting tool.

3. Start importing

Once you saved your settings, you see a "Start importing" button in the admin interface. You can start and stop importing now anytime. 

Note: Starting to import takes over the channel from any speaker who might be active. When a speaker of this channel starts streaming while you are importing, he will take over. 

Helpful information regarding importing

Listening vs Calling

Generally, importing works either as "Listen" or "Calling". In most cases, the importing side (LiveVoice) will "listen". But there are also formats that do it the other way round, like SRT Caller. In this case, your server has a stream running that LiveVoice fetches from it.

Protocols and Codecs

  • RTP, SRT etc. are media protocols
  • OPUS, MPA etc. are codecs/formats that work within these media protocols


If you are interested in the import feature, you are probably an expert in that field anyway and will have your own hardware or software. Still, we want to provide here at least three common tools used for exporting/importing audio and video that might be helpful to you: