RingCentral Integration

Use LiveVoice directly within RingCentral

Listeners will be able to choose the language next to any video stream in RingCentral

Setup guide:

1. Install the LiveVoice integration in RingCentral

2. Create a LiveVoice account (Sign up here

3. Create the event and audio channels (Learn how to do this here)

4. Copy the listener code (See how to do this here

5. Name the RingCentral tab, for example "Translation" and insert the LiveVoice code into the code field. Done! 

Good to know: In order to synchronize the audio of the language translation, you can use our delay feature. Learn more about the delay feature here

One more thing: You might want to let your audience know that they should mute the video stream in RingCentral while listening to the interpretation. There will be a message displayed in the Translation Tab that says that in English, Spanish, and German. If you need other languages, you can use the event message from LiveVoice instead. If you use that, your custom message will appear instead of the standard information.