Invite & inform listeners

Copy smart link or code. Or let listeners join via geolocation 

Simply copy the automatically generated code or smart link and provide it to all listeners.

If you send the smart link, users will automatically join the event if they have the app already installed. If they have not installed the app yet, they will be directed to a welcome page that explains them the next steps:

JOINING VIA GEO LOCATION: You can also make your event discoverable via geolocation. 
>> See here how it works

Tell your listeners the "analogue way"

In order to make it as easy as possible for them to understand, you may print out or send them this kind of 3 step guide: 

You can download a Word template here that you can adapt:
>> English Version
>> German Version

We recommend you inform your visitors ahead of the event.
>> Here are some wording templates you can use for your website or emails

>> Here is how you find the listener code.

>> Here are some more useful tips you might want to consider about the interaction with your visitors when it comes to LiveVoice.

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