How to: Invite & inform listeners

1. Click "Share with your audience"

Click the big orange button in your event admin interface.

2. Choose a sharing option

  • Smart invite link
  • 6-digit code
  • QR code
  • Download sheet or slide
  • Embed iFrame

Additional option: GEO LOCATION 

You can also make your event discoverable via geolocation. See here how it works.

If you send the smart link or let people scan the QR code, users will automatically join the event if they have the app already installed. If they have not installed the app yet, they will be directed to a welcome page that explains them the next steps

Templates and sheets: How to inform your audience 

We recommend to inform your listeners already ahead of the event. Here you find how to download an intro sheet/slide, as well as templates for website and email texts.