Headset recommendations

We recommend to use headsets with microphones that can be located close to the mouth in order to get the best audio input for your listeners. 

For simultaneous interpretation

This Jabra Headset is light but works really well:

For Guided Tours 

For tour guides, we can recommend this Jabra headset.

With only one ear covered, you can still hear everything around you.

Simple smartphone headsets 

You can even simply use your standard smartphone headphones. But please be aware that the microphone might pick up quite a lot of background noise. It is crucial to keep the microphone close to your mouth, therefore the options above are usually the better choice. 

Adapters for smartphones

If you have a headset that has a 3.5 audio plug, but your phone has USB-C or Lightning jack only, we recommend the following adapters.

Please note that some other 3rd party adapters do not work with VoIP apps like LiveVoice (even if they work with music apps), because they are not recognized by devices as phone adapters. Therefore, we recommend getting original Apple adapters for iPhones/iPads and these USB-C adapters for other devices:

👉 Lightning to 3.5 audio jack adapter for iPhones

👉 USB-C adapters for Android devices