Internet connection tips

Internet connection types

LiveVoice simply works via the internet, so you can use both WIFI or cellular connections like 3G and 4G/LTE. 
If you have visitors from other countries, you might want to offer them WIFI at your location. If you use LiveVoice outside, you can get mobile WIFI routers for a very affordable price like this one

Internet speed 

We have created LiveVoice in a way that it will use only very little bandwidth. Technically, for example with a 100 Mbit connection, you can provide LiveVoice to about 1400 listeners! 

To test the speed of your internet connection, we have a speed-test site for you.

Check your internet speed here.

Please note: Most standard WIFI routers have a limit of 250 devices that can be connected at the same time. But if you have expect more than 250 visitors at you event, we are sure your technical staff will offer more than one router anyways 😉