Checklist for interpretation

Here is a checklist that will help you to think of everything you need to consider if you use LiveVoice for language interpretation: 

Setup prepration

  • Speaker device (e.g. laptop or smartphone for translator) 
  • Headphones for translator (here are some suggestions) 
  • Connection from sound mixer to computer, if you need original audio
  • WIFI: Check speed and password (here is some more advice for that) 
  • Power banks (for listeners to borrow)
  • Extra chargers (for listeners to charge their phones if needed)
  • Extension chords (in case you need them)  
  • Extra smartphones (for listeners to borrow)
  • Extra Headphones (for listeners to borrow)
  • Check: Where will the interpreter sit? 

Communication with your visitors
>> How will you inform your listeners?
>> Where will people be able to get support? 

  • Send out an email ahead of the event: Bringt your smartphone, headphones and charger - and download the app here
  • Think about where you will provide an info point so people can get help at the beginning and also during the event.
  • We recommend to hand out info sheets for listeners like these.
  • It can be useful to show an info slide on a video wall or put up posters with infos. 

On site

  • Is the WIFI and mobile connection ok? You might want to to a speed test
  • Setup of original audio 
  • Setup of interpreter laptops or smartphones
  • Prepare checkin counter / info point  
  • Hand out info sheets 
  • Set up video wall slide, posters,...