Plans & Pricing

We have created LiveVoice as a software-as-a-service that you can easily manage yourself. Simply book a plan according to your needs.

Plan Types 

Pick a plan depending on the maximum number of listeners at the same time you want to reach.
You can choose between day plans and subscription plans

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What about more listeners then expected?

To be prepared for unexpected additional listeners you can activate the " Temporary Auto Upgrade" option in you account settings.

How this works:

When your „Max Listener“ limit has been exceeded on a given day, LiveVoice automatically books an additional day plan (starting with the smallest day plan). In this way, even if your pre-booked plan limit has been reached, more people can join, up to the limit you set. 


You have booked a 50 listener subscription. You activate the Temporary Auto Upgrade option and set it on 30 listeners. On a certain day, 60 listeners show up. They can all listen and you will be automatically charged one additional 10 listener day plan. On another day, 80 listeners show up and you will be automatically charged one additional 30 listener day plan. You will never be charged more than this, because you set the limit for your Temporary Auto Upgrade to 30 listeners.

All inclusive

You do not have to pay extra for multiple channels or events. The only thing that matters is the number of maximum listeners you have at the same time. So for example with an 50 listeners plan you can have 2 events at the same time with 25 listeners each, with as many channels as you want. 

Payment Methods

Possible payment methods are credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 
Note: All prices exclude VAT. 

Start for free! 

When you sign up for LiveVoice, you will be able to test out everything with our Free Plan (up to 3 listeners). Get started here.

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