General Admin FAQs

What can I use LiveVoice for? 

LiveVoice is the perfect solution for simultaneous translation at large or small conferences, business meetings and church gatherings, as well as silent events and audio transmission for guided tours. Of course you can use LiveVoice also at a lot of other occasions where targeted audio streaming is necessary - just depends on your ideas.

How does LiveVoice work? 

LiveVoice is a cloud solution that works via the internet, so you don’t need any special hardware. Just use a standard smartphone or computer to stream. Your listeners need a mobile device (iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone) and their headphones.
As an admin you set up your event and it's channels and share them with your speaker(s) and listeners
As a listener or speaker you download the LiveVoice App on your mobile device (iOS or Android) or join a live event via browser on your computer.

What kind of internet connection is necessary?  

LiveVoce work both via WIFI and mobile data. The needed bandwidth is very low: For example, for 140 listeners you will only need a 10 Mbit connection. 

How much delay is there, since LiveVoice works via the internet? 

For live audio transmission, a very low delay is key, so LiveVoice has a delay well under half a second, mostly only 200 ms. 

How does the audio signal get into the network? 

You will only need to connect an audio source to a smartphone or a computer. If you use a smartphone, you will stream via the LiveVoice app. On a computer you just need a standard web browser and open our website Learn more here.   

How many people can listen to LiveVoice? 

LiveVoice is totally flexible, there is basically no limit. Simply book plans according to your needs. 

How can I start using LiveVoice? 

Just sign up here for a free admin account and set up the events and channels you need. You will be able to test LiveVoice with up to 3 listeners. Just play around and then book a plan according to your needs. LiveVoice has been created as a simple easy to use self-service tool. To help you get off to a great start, we have put together everything you need here in our Help Center.

How much does LiveVoice cost?

You can book plans according to your needs, depending on how many listeners you expect. There are day plans and, monthly or yearly subscriptions. You find the pricing page here. For custom packages for large audience please contact us via [email protected].